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Sunday, December 19, 2010

miracle day~

Bismillah pembuka

Today is a miracle day for me! im so happy~
you know why?? hehe..

today - 19 december 2010
there are a lot of stories i want to share with you all.

first story~

early in the morning at 5 am, my mom receive a call from my brother. he said that he now's at hospital serdang and wanna give us a good story..
the news that all of my family waiting for it a week! its now comes to this world safely..
after my brother tell us the news, we all smile like a sun~ hehe..
guess what??
i got first niece!! it's really nice rite??
wow! i can't imagine my feeling that's time..
his name is muhammad ammar wafiuddin a.k.a ammar~ so cute name! can't wait to see him..hehe..
the miracle is...continue with second story..

second story~

the miracle also my dad's birthday! my dad become 52 years old.. a year after merdeka..
and from the first story..we know that my niece was born..
wow! same day with his grandchild..hehe..
my mom brother give a special gift for my sweet~

third story~

on the time Im writing this at taiping, perak..why??
bcoz my cousin will be engage this afternoon..with his lovely choice from perak..
i dont really take a part with the name but what i know is the name of the person get engage is faris and suza...
i dont know much about this..but what are the best moment is..when we can get close together with relatives..
i miss it! and i have it now~ interesting rite..heehee..
owh...before I end up my entry..
as you all known that nowadays there are so many people in mood engage and married..
I realize that when all of that were happened around me..
oct my brother's marriage..early dec his wedding..
yesterday my senior wedding!!
this afternoon my cousin engage...
how a miracle day today~

this is a picture of my senior's -kak najihah- wedding

thanks for reading...
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